Monday, May 24, 2010

Essay # 2 revision

I've always been told that America is a place of equality & opportunity.

If that's so, than why is the white man hired over the black man?

Both of them have high degrees in education & both posses similar skills.

Don't you think that race has anything to do with it? Many Americans today

tend to believe that racial discrimination does not play a role in class mobility,

but education does. Equality is not a reality in the American society. Education &

especially race does hinder someone's social standard.

There is ample evidence that racial inequalities remain when it comes to employment. Statistics have shown that the unemployment rate for black men with college degrees was nearly double, as opposed to white men. Luo's article shows that in 2009, black men with a college degree had an unemployment rate of 8.4% compred to 4.4% for their white counterpart. Unfortunately, a college degree cannot close the racial gap and inequality isn't a matter that should be looked passed.

What caught my attention in Paul Krugmans, "Confronting Inequality", on page 323, he said, "The small landowners are the most precious part of the state." He has a very strong point because many people look down upon those of a lower class. The rich either get richer and "the poor" get poorer or stay in the same position. But, who's to say that they want to remain in the lower class group? Individuals still tend to say that the people make their own place in society, but sadly that's not the truth. If that was the case I don't think there'd be much people in the lower class area. If you truly believe that all Americans are entitled to an equal chance and want to ignore the simple fact that it's all fictitious, than that's just cruel and ignorant. The working class of our society are the one's who shape the social pyramid.

In the past 30 years the government's policies have strongly encouraged social disparacy. What are the low income workers being affected so much? We are going through a very tough era and yet the higher class are still making money while sipping their wine and flying across the world in their private jets. WHY AREN'T THEY BEING AFFECTED!? They don't have to worry about joggling 2 jobs,children, and increased taxes. On the opposite end of the social scale, the median income of tax filers had fallen 2 percent between 2000 and 2005, with fully half of the population struggling to get by. The rich don't have a sense of the reality that really goes on within the people. I asked an individual what they thought about social inequality and they replied, "The people that are above with always remain above and those who are at the bottom sadly have to struggle because they're always going to be looked down upon because they're from a different background or race, that's the reality even though people try to deny it".

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